DHMO and You

The Newark, Delaware-based DHMO Research Division contends on their Website that the EPA may be conspiring to cover up the whole DHMO issue. Many researchers attempting to get comments from the EPA regarding DHMO were either ignored or dodged. If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding?

Dearth from Above

Many times a day, aircraft flying overhead, often leave trails in the sky. These "ChemTrails" usually stretch for a short distance behind the tail of the jet, and dissipate. But we see some that stretch, from horizon to horizon across the sky. These long thin clouds don't disappear quickly, but rather persist stubbornly, forming long skidmarks across the sky.

The main substance left behind by the passing plane, slowly spread across the sky, is in fact one of the most toxic and corrosive chemicals known to man. Dihydrogen Monoxide, (DHMO), makes up the major component of ChemTrails. Excessive DHMO concentration results in the replacing of bright blue days with heavily overcast skies of persistent mists, producing a listless, even despondent atmosphere. Over time, it can depress individuals and even sap them of initiative. Causing them to buy into any new "reality" dished out by the liberal scientific establishment. Obama said "Science is Back." Beware.

The proliferation of so-called "political progressives" in such DHMO-exposed areas such as Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, graphically illustrates the problem. We won't even start with that "misty town by the Bay," San Francisco. It has been clearly shown, that areas of the country that have minimal DHMO exposure, such as the Desert Southwest in states such as Arizona, and portions of Orange County, California, have less problems with these sorts of situations.

ChemTrails and DHMO

What's all this about, you ask? It's called "Chemtrails," a government and airline corporate conspiracy to deliver the chemical DHMO by spraying from airplanes. These insidious events are forcing us to re-examine the very world we live on. To face hard choices and make tough conclusions from outrageous claims.


| 12.8.2008 |

Phoenix Lander discovers solid DHMO on Mars For the first time, a human construct touched solid DHMO on Mars. We excavated it, examined its depth and studied how it changes over the surface. And, for the first time ever, we saw DHMO falling from the Martian skies and settling on the ground.

| 3.9.2009 |

Vitamins discovered on Mars: The Phoenix lander explored the northern polar region of Mars, and found traces of a salt there, called 'perchlorate.' Perchlorate is an energy source for life on the Earth. And we see a range of salts that we think of as nutrients. You know, you get them in your mineral pill in the morning.

| 5.3.2010 |

DHMO blamed for recent Tennessee Disaster President Obama says potentially historic DHMO exposure in Tennessee are a clear example of why steps need to be taken to stop global warming. Massive exposures of DHMO in both solid and liquid form have resulted at least eight rivers over-flowing and exposing Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky to harmful DHMO pollution.

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