YouTube Video Clips

SD05022009.1820: We found this secret footage on a Government Website. Pretty damning! Actual plane-to-plane views of ChemTrails being laid down! We got more and will post as we have time.

SD05102009.1306: May 9 was a beautiful cloud-free day. But when I got up the next day, it was totally overcast, and a strange white substance had dripped on my car over the night.

SD05152009.1623: Last week we reported on the discovery and analization of a white substance had dripped on my car over night. Furthur proof of the origins of this "stuff" is here. CAUTION: Disturbing Scenes.

SD06272009.1623: We found this old 16mm film which turned out to lost documentary about East German ChemTrails! For the first time on YouTube, with subtitles added by the ChemCon Alert Translation Team, (CCATT).

SD07062009.1127: ChemCon Alert investigate Morgellons Syndrome with some modified imaging equipment. Exclusive footage of morgellon fibers writhing to the occasion, and zapping them back to the stone age...

SD10242009.1042: This latest clip explains how a limited number of commercial aircraft are not even part of the equation when the ChemTrail phenominon is examined.

SD01062013.1553: More information regarding the Google Gawking conspiracy. It goes back many many years and the Alpha Draconian Reptoids are involved!

SD01272013.1110: The straight poop on the One World Alpha Draconian Reptoid's scheme to create interstellar power crystals from our fluoridated tap water as part of their scheme of world domination...

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