ChemCon Gear

Whether at that Conspiracy Conference or in the privacy of your own compound, now you can keep tuned to the ChemCon Alert Mission with your own ChemCon Gear! All purchases go towards the expansion of our important message! Check back often, as we will be adding more gear as time permits!

ChemCon Fasion Tee   

 ChemCon T-Shirt

  100% Morgellon Fibers
  $24.95 Each
  (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, & XXXXL)
ChemCon Fasion Toilet   

 CC Alert Coffee Mug

  Holds 16 oz. of Joe!
  (Available in shiny white only)
ChemCon Fasion Tee   

 ChemCon Toaster

  Holds Two Slices!
  (Not for use with irradiated bread)
ChemCon Fasion Toilet   

 ChemCon Toilet

  Less than 1 Gallon per flush!
  (Available in Cool White or Hot Pink)

Exclusive Offer: Spead 'Em® Home ChemTrail Kit

Tired of sitting back and watching as the ChemTrails scrawl accross the sky? Well, now you can hit the tarmac running, with our exclusive Do-It-Your-Self ChemCon Alert "Spead 'Em®" Home ChemTrail Kit, you can join your Rich Uncle Sam and spread your very own webs in the sky! All that is needed is a high altitude jet aircraft retrofitted for ChemTrail spraying, (Not Included),and our exclusive line-up of supplies, (below).

ChemCon Fasion Tee   

 Barium Powder

  $99.99 per Tin
  (Grab ankles when applying)
ChemCon Fasion Toilet   

 Fungal Aerosols

  Choice Government Lab Spores
  $9.89 per Can
  (Please specifiy choice of pathogen)
ChemCon Fasion Tee   

 Lead Zeppelinium

  Powdered to perfection
  $653.99 per Can
  (Use ear protection with this product)
ChemCon Fasion Toilet   

 99.99% Pure DHMO

  Our own powerful solvent
  $2,104.99 per Gallon
  (CAUTION! Handle with extreme care)

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